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Sinking down to Unter Null

Unter Null

The sole creation of Erica Dunham, material began to be written under the moniker of Unter Null in the year 1998 when she was 16. After years of classical piano training, as well as cello and guitar, the foray into electronic music began.

Unter Null started off as a powernoise project highly influenced by other artists back in the day such as Noisex, Converter, P.A.L., and a lot of the Ant-Zen/Hands roster.

The first demo was released sometime in 2000 as a self-titled CD.

Later on, there were talks with Leech of NTT/Annihilvs Records and a web-only release was put out in 2002 called “NEOCIDE”.

Around this time, Unter Null's sound began to change dramatically as her songs became more 'dance-floor friendly' with the song 'Sick Fuck' gaining popularity. After this Unter Null was signed to Alfa Matrix.

Since signing to Alfa Matrix, Unter Null made four releases, the Sick Fuck EP, The Failure Epiphany, and the Absolution and Sacrament EP's. Unter Null have also been featured on numerous compilation albums as well as making remixes for many bands.

Unter Null's first live shows were in Washington state and Oregon. Her first European gigs were in 2005 with two dates - one in Holland at Summer Darkness, and one in Belgium.

One year later finds Unter Null touring Europe again, this time playing numerous shows in many different places over the course of a year and a half going to Italy, Austria, Germany, England, France, Scotland, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Greece, Spain, as well as a lengthy tour with XP8 in Russia.

May 2008 also saw the debut album for her STRAY project which displays a more delicate approach.

"Abuse by Proxy" delivers what could best be described as 'Delerium inspired atmospheres' but seen through an Unter Null like approach. The deluxe 2CD carton box of the album comes with a bonus disc including several exclusive bonus tracks and remixes by such bands as genCAB, Keef Baker, Mothboy, and many more. Full audio previews can be heard on the Alfa Matrix website.

Erica has also joined the live line-up for C/A/T in 2008. Keep an eye out for shows listed on this website and the official Unter Null website!


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